Prefer the health of employees over the service amid pandemic under as mechanism: Qayoom Wani

Baramulla, June 06 (KNS): Expressing anguish over the sudden and random orders issued by the J&K govt to its 5 employees to resume their duties on June 6, 2020 amid pandemic, former EJAC President and Civil Society Member Abdul Qayoom Wani said that govt has pushed 5 lakh employees of JK to the wall without any safety by randomly issuing the order of resuming to their duties without devising a safeguarding mechanism under the guidelines of WHO and other health authorities.
In a statement issued to KNS he said" What use of staying home or in quarantine for two long months and then to force one and all join duties without any safe mechanism except the sermonising on electronic media"
Wani urged upon the govt that the order must be reconsidered unless as scientific foolfroof mechanism of safety is not devised by the govt and practised for training mock drills first.
He also said life come first service goes next. Employees should not be put into risk for Covid -19 (KNS)

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