Practising religion can be personal, propagating hate and blasphemy an unforgivable crime: JKCSF

Wasim Rizvi should be booked for blasphemy and hate speeches: Qayoom Wani

Wasim Rizvi should be booked for blasphemy and hate speeches: Qayoom Wani

Srinagar, Dec 08 (KNS): Notwithstanding the blasphemous and anti Islam speeches and remarks of "Wasim Rizvi" after his conversion to Hindu religion, Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has strongly condemned the remarks passed by Rizvi against Islam and the prophet of Islam(peace be upon him).

In a statement issued here Chairman JKCSF Abdul Qayoom Wani vowed anguish over the blasphemous remarks passed by Rizvi after Rizvi converted to Hinduism.

Chairman JKCSF said Islam is a divine religion and it does not bind people forcefully and in support of which there is a quranic verse" La iqrahu Fi deen"( there is no force in faith). Keeping this verse in view no person can be forcefully tied to any particular faith unless he does not accept it by heart.

Wani said however, no sane person can and has a right to pass blasphemous remarks, words, actions or gestures on the other faith. And in islam it is absolutely intolerable by virtue of faith itself to tolerate any kind of blasphemy to islam and the prophet of Islam Hazrate Muhammad??

Referring to Wasim Rizvis conversion of religion JKCSF had no objection as long as it was only a mere personal conversion, however, every Muslim has a strong resentment and utmost protest reaction against the blasphemous remarks passed by Rizvi and not only this also he is stimulation other communal and anti Muslim elements to pass blasphemous comments and as such is escalating the tension among the Muslims and other peace loving communities and religion respecting people of the world.

JKCSF statement revealed that the actions of Wasim Rizvi badly merits for many punishments for criminal procedures against him according to indian judiciary for which the religion respecting people are waiting eagerly. JKCSF demands harshest punishment against Rizvi for this heinous crime. (KNS)

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