Polytechnic Employees Association quits Shabnam led faction of EJAC

Says Qayoom Wani's contribution will be written in golden words


Srinagar, Nov 19 (KNS): Polytechnic Employees Association President Er Tariq Ahmed Zargar today condemned the words of EJAC faction led by Fayaz Shabnam over his remarks against former EJAC president Ab Qayoom Wani.

The Association president  Zargar has announced that he has quit from the Shabnam led faction of EJAC and from now Polytechnic Employees Association has no affilation with Shabnam led EJAC.

Zargar said that the further course of action will be announced very soon by the Polytechnic Employees Association.

In a statement issued to KNS, Zargar while condemnming the words of Shabnam recalled the contribution of Qayoom Wani as EJAC chairman. "Qayoom Wani fought several battles on every front for all the Employees from dailywagers to gazetted officers and his role will be remembered and written in golden words," he said.(KNS)  

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