Police deny security lapse during Bharat Jodo Yatra

Srinagar, Jan 27 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir police on Friday refutes the allegations made by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi regarding security lapse during Bahrat Jodo Yatra, saying that police will provide fullproof security.

The police said that only authorised persons as identified by organisers and frisked crowd was allowed inside towards the route of Yatra. "Organisers & managers of BJY did not intimate about large gathering from Banihal joining the Yatra, which thronged near the starting point," it said.

"Full ecurity arrangements were in place including 15 Coys of CAPFs and 10 Coys of JKP, comprising of ROPs and QRTs, route domination, lateral deployment and SFs were deployed for high-ridge and other deployments," it added.

"JKP was not consulted before taking any decision on discontinuation of Yatra after conducting 1 km yatra by organizers," the police said , adding that rest of yatra continued peacefully.

The police futher said that there was no security lapse at all. "We will provide foolproof security," it added-(KNS).

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