PM Modi leads Yoga Session in Srinagar

 Srinagar, June 21 (KNS): Prime Minister Narendra Modi led a significant Yoga session at the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre (SKICC) in Srinagar today, commemorating the 10th International Day of Yoga.

The event drew participants from various walks of life, all eager to embrace the benefits of Yoga under the guidance of the Prime Minister.

In his address, PM Modi highlighted the profound impact of Yoga on individuals and communities.

"We can feel the energy in Srinagar that we gain through Yoga," he said. "I extend greetings to people of the country and those performing Yoga in every corner of the world on Yoga Day. International Yoga Day has completed a historic journey of 10 years."
Reflecting on the origins of this global celebration, Modi recalled, "In 2014, I proposed International Yoga Day at the United Nations. This proposal by India was supported by 177 nations, a record in itself. Since then, Yoga Day has been creating new records."

PM Modi also pointed out the burgeoning "yoga economy," noting, "Today, the world is witnessing the rise of a new yoga economy.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelYoga tourism has emerged as a new trend, with tourists from around the globe coming to India to learn authentic Yoga."

Encouraging the incorporation of Yoga into daily routines, Modi urged, "As we mark the 10th International Day of Yoga, I urge everyone to make it a part of their daily lives. Yoga fosters strength, good health, and wellness. It helps us live in the present moment, without the baggage of the past. It connects us with ourselves and our deepest feelings."

The Prime Minister also shared an inspiring story, "This year in India, a 101-year-old woman Yoga teacher from France was accorded the Padma Shri. She had never come to India but dedicated her entire life to creating awareness about Yoga. Today, research on Yoga is being conducted in prestigious universities and institutions around the world; research papers are being published."

The event in Srinagar was part of a global celebration that saw millions of people engaging in Yoga practices, reaffirming its universal appeal and the Indian heritage's global reach.(KNS)

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