People will teach BJP a lesson for misdeeds: Mula Ram

‘Congress capable enough to defeat anti-people forces in the country’

JAMMU, Dec 01(KNS): Lashing out at the previous BJP government over adding woes to people, Mula Ram, former Congress minister reminded that since the BJP assumed power at the Centre, things have gone from bad to worse, harassment of innocent people has been the hallmark of BJP government. Despite the contradiction in their approach they enjoyed poor and continued to fool people on sensitive issues, he said.

This was stated by Mula Ram, former Minister while leading a massive rally in support of Congress candidate Rajinder Kumar in connection with ongoing District Development Council (DDC) elections at Gole Gujral, Block Marh Jammu.

The former minister said that BJP Govt has failed on all fronts. He said the authorities are not paying any attention to the burning problems of the common man. All major sectors like manufacturing, trade, construction, education, health, information technology, transport, and accommodation and restaurant have failed to pickup under BJP rule.

Seeking the restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir, Mula Ram said that the Congressmen are on the roads to convey the voice of the people to the President as the “undemocratic and unconstitutional” steps taken by the Centre left them deeply hurt.

“People are scared to open their voice for their rights. This is the situation which has been thrust on them after this beautiful state was dismantled,” he said. He lashed at Narendra Modi government for its "failures" on the issue of security of women and children besides lack of education policy and decline in job opportunities.

"The BJP government has failed on all fronts including providing security to women, lack of education policy, huge decline in job opportunities and policy of oppression, repression and denial of rights.

The former Minister described Congress Party as strong and vibrant in J&K, capable enough to defeat anti-people forces in the country and that Congress Party has never compromised on its ideology, principles for the sake of power. He said the party shall remain committed to the cause of strengthening people and working for the peace, progress and overall development of the State. He said that the Congress “alone” stands guarantee to secular fabric, diversity and unity in the country.

The former minister said that the people should teach BJP a lesson for their misdeeds with Jammuites by voting Congress candidates to power in DDC elections. He appealed to the people to defeat the nefarious designs of BJP and ensure the victory of Congress party with a thumping majority in the DDC polls. The Congress alone has the capability to safeguard the interests of the people, he added(KNS).

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