People in Kashmir expect representatives to talk about Political issues: Safina Beigh

Manzoor Sheeri

Srinagar, Dec 23 ( KNS): Distrct Development Council (DDC) election winner candidate Safina Beigh today said that people in Kashmir expect their representatives to talk about Political issues besides development.
In an exclusive chat with KNS Correspondent, she said, "DDC is part of Panchayat and in other states it is already there.DDC is a developmental issue and 370 is a constitutional issue.politics of Kashmir is different due to nature of conflict. In othe states it is mostly bases on developmnetal issues. People expect candidates to only talk about development issues but Political issues as well."
Refusing to say reason behind the leaving of PDP, she said,"Muzafar Beigh will reveal about the reasons of leaving PDP at appropriate time .Our future course of action will depend on wishes of our people and Muzafar Beigh."
She credited her win to the goodwill of people for Muzafar Beigh and said that people beleive that Beigh is a sincere Politician and is not after power.
Safina also said that her supporters were interested in her contesting for DDC elections and didn't want to say no to them.
" They have lot of expectations with me. Otherwise I have always said no to contesting assembly elections, Parliament elections." (KNS). 

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