People, party workers accorded a rousing reception to Apni Party President at the public rally in north Kashmir’s Wahi Gund

J&K people have high stakes in peace: Altaf Bukhari

J&K people have high stakes in peace: Altaf Bukhari

Says only a peaceful environment and strong democratic institutions would pave way for the prosperity and development of the UT, and employment opportunities for its youth
Srinagar July 19 (KNS) : Emphasizing on the restoration of peace and harmony in Jammu and Kashmir, the Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari has said that only a peaceful environment will pave the way for the development of the Union Territory (UT) and prosperity and employment opportunities for its people.  

Bukhari was addressing a huge public rally, thronged with men, women, and children, at Wahi Gund, a village adjoining  Kreeri Wagoora and Tangmarg areas of north Kashmir on Tuesday.

According to a press statement issued here, the Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari while addressing the rally stressed on restoring peace and tranquility in J&K.

He said, “The protracted conflict, bloodshed, and deaths have shattered Jammu and Kashmir to its core, and hurt the interests of its people over the years. Now, the only way forward is to reinstate sustained peace and tranquility in the region. Only a peaceful atmosphere would enable us to reset the goals for prosperity and development of our J&K.”

“We cannot afford to lose the future of another generation of Kashmir. We have already lost a large number of people to the lingering instability and strife, but we have to stop the mindless conflict, which has given only miseries and devastation to this land and its people. Now, we ought to think about the future of our youth and the future generations.” Bukhari added.

Blaming the traditional political parties for the awful situation that has been continuing in J&K for past more than three decades, Syed Altaf Bukhari said, “We must not forget that those who choose the path of violence in the late 80s, where the young people who had full faith on the ballot and democratic process, but the power lust of the traditional political parties ruined everything here. The historic rigging in 1987 elections forced these young people to choose the path of violence.”
He added, “I will not make any observation on whether the decision of picking up arms was right or wrong. History will be the judge of past occurrences. But at least we must acknowledge the undeniable fact that guns brought only deaths and miseries to the people of this land. It is also a fact that we could not defeat the Indian state by the force of guns. Let us accept the fact that we could not achieve what some people thought would be achieved by violence. Given these irrefutable facts, let us give a chance to peace and free and fair democratic process, which I believe would give us everything that matters to us.”
Bukhari explained it further, “Only the strong democratic institutions would empower people to protect their rights. People must use the power of the vote to attain the political and economic empowerment and protection of their rights.”

He urged the masses to vote for the Apni Party in the forthcoming elections. He said, “Unlike the traditional political parties we do not allure people by bogus promises. From its inception, the Apni Party has time and again said that it is for the peace, prosperity, and development of Jammu and Kashmir. That is our key agenda, and your vote will enable us to shape and implement this agenda.”

Apni Party leader said further, “You have tested the traditional political parties over the years. You voted for them in every election and gave them plenty of chances to fulfill their commitments, but they deceived you every time. How many times these traditional political parties and so-called leaders have asked for your vote in the name of autonomy, self-rule, and so on, but every time grasped the power, the first thing they did was abandon the same people who had voted for them. They remained in power for years and decades and created empires for themselves and only miseries for the common people. I request you not to get trapped again by their fake promises.”

 Besides, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, Apni Party’s Senior Vice President Ghulam Hassan Mir also addressed the people at the rally.

Mir said, “The Apni Party does not believe in deception and lies. We have set our agenda on the basis of achievable targets. Apni Party has come to its existence with the agenda of peace, prosperity, the development of Jammu and Kashmir, and the political and economic empowerment of its people. This agenda is practicable, our goals are achievable and we have a clear vision to achieve these objectives.”

He added, “You cannot compare the Apni Party with the traditional political parties because all these parties have been carrying a backlog of false and misleading promises that they had made with the people in the past. Now, they are exposed, and people know that they always made fake promises to them for their personal and political gains. Therefore, the Apni Party is the only alternative that people can trust on. I assure you the Apni Party will execute all its commitments to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Besides Bukhari and Mir, the prominent local leaders and senior party workers who were present on the occasion include the party’s State Vice President of the Youth Wing and DDC member from Tangmarg advocate Mir Tajamul Ishfaq, General Secretary Youth Wing Muzaffar Reshi,  member of DDC Kunzar Nazir Ahmad, State Coordinator Youth Wing and Outreach and Capacity Building Programme Tariq Mohiuddin, BDC member Kunzar Baigh Aftab, District Vice President Asadullah, Youth leader Javaid Iqbal, Naseer Ahmad,  member of DDC Tangmarg, Ishfaq Ahmad,  member of BDC Kanipora Shabir Ahmad, member of BDC Wailoo Mohammad Abrar, Kaka ji, GM Dar, Mohammad Akbar, Nisar Ahmad, Mohammad Maqbool, Tariq Ahmad, and others.(KNS)


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