PDP facing hardships as we are raising our voices for people’s rights: Rouf Bhat

Says Mehbooba Mufti only leader who can restore dignity and rights of people

Says Mehbooba Mufti only leader who can restore dignity and rights of people

Srinagar, Dec 15 (KNS): People’s Democratic Party (PDP) senior leader Rouf Bhat on Wednesday said that A leader who talks about rights has to face hurdles.

PDP is talking about people’s rights so that is why this discrimination is happening with the party. Anybody who talks about people and their rights has to face hardships.

“The PDP leaders are getting jailed and the programs of the party are sabotaged. These are old tactics and these will not suppress the willpower of PDP,” he said.

In a statement issued to KNS, Bhat said that in the past for about three years Late Mufti sahib pressurized BJP to not to think of abrogation of article 370. BJP’s sole agenda was to abrogate article 370 but Late Mufti Sahab at the time of creating an alliance with them had made them sign a written acknowledgment that BJP won’t talk about the abrogation of article 370.

He had created alliance with them for only one condition of solving the Kashmir issue by peaceful talks. After that when BJP agenda was not supported by PDP, the party illegally and unconstitutionally broke the alliance with PDP and the rest is history which is known to everyone, he added.

He further said that Article 370 was illegally scrapped by BJP but PDP had always tried to stop them for doing such a historic blunder.  BJP had given a written acknowledgement in the agenda of alliance with PDP that they wont scrap article 370.

Mehbooba mufti is fighting for the rights and that is why people are coming forward to support PDP. PDP talks about equality of rights. We want that people of Kashmir should live a life of dignity.

He further said that JK needs a leader now and Mehbooba Mufti is the only leader who can safeguard the lives and dignity of people of J&K. she is the only one who will talk about the issues and aspirations of people. She will talk  about  restoring the  basic rights,  and solving the Kashmir issue.

Our party wants to resolve the Kashmir issue. PDP wants to act as a bridge between centre and J&K so that all the promises given to the people here can be fulfilled. Once for all the Kashmir issue should get solved. PDP demands restoration of article 370 besides overall development of the Jammu and Kashmir.

“I believe that only a spirited leader can make people come out of this chaos and political disruption. A good leader shows the right path, direction and vision to its people. Only Mehbooba mufti is such a leader who can give a right direction to the people of J&K,” Rouf added.

For restoring the democracy there is a need of such a leader who can lead and cure the pain and sufferings of the people by restoring their rights. Mehbooba mufti talks about the core issues like article 370, the Kashmir issue and the basic rights of the people, he said.

He said that is this naya Kashmir? All the people are caged in their homes, fake encounters are held, people are being thrashed and arrested. The J&K has become a police state. Every officer of administration is from outside. Be it be LG, divisional commisisioner or IGP and DGP; all are from outside.

“Mainstream politicians have been disempowered who have given lots of sacrifices for J&K. Each day there is more suppression going on in JK. People have been alienating with the mainstream parties of J&K and with Centre government,” he added.

He said that "We have to come out of this illusion and address the core issues of the common people. Gun is not a solution to any problem. Political issues could only be solved through peaceful dialogue and not with weapons".

 “Our youth are being killed in cold blooded murders. There is frisking and arresting of youth besides a wave of chaos in whole valley. It is a death of democracy and it can be corrected only when the Kashmir issue gets solved and the article 370 and 35 A gets restored,” he added.

The people have been deprived of their jobs and land rights. People from outside valley are given jobs here and the youth of JK are unemployed. BJP wants to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

Bhat said that with each passing day, a new order comes from New Delhi; be it be termination of government employees, arresting youth, raids, fake encounters. Unity is the only thing which can stop all these atrocities on us. We all have to resist against this oppression. We should forget our internal rivalries and should unite for restoring our rights in order to secure the future of upcoming generations.

The bloodshed should end and this will only end when the south Asia’s biggest conflict which is between India and Pakistan will get solved. Otherwise both these nations being the nuclear powers can devastate the whole world by this conflict. The whole world should focus on solving the Kashmir conflict. Many countries are getting benefited by this conflict due to the weapon exports to both these nuclear powers.

“Today it is the people of Kashmir who are suffering but tomorrow it can be the world. So it is the need of the time to solve this issue peacefully by holding a dialogue between India, Pakistan and the stakeholders of J&K,” he said.

“Peace will not prevail in J&K unless the Kashmir issue gets resolved. The way towards the development of Jammu and Kashmir goes through resolving Kashmir issue,” he added. (KNS)

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