PCF and HoFF tours, south and north circle in Kashmir, inaugurates various projects

Srinagar November 20 (KNS): The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF J&K Sh Roshan Jaggi, IFS threw open Nagar Van Dooru Anantnag and dedicated it to the people of Jammu and Kashmir during visit to South Circle, Kashmir on 17th of November, 2023.

The project funded by MoEF & CC Government of India was taken up in hand during the year 2022-23 and was completed during the current financial year. The aim of the project is to create/develop one Nagar Van or City Forest in each City having Municipal Corporation/ Class I Cities for providing wholesome healthy living environment, and contributing to growth of Smart, Clean, Green, Sustainable and Healthy towns and Cities.

On the inauguration ceremony, the Pr. Chief Conservator of Forests & HoFF, J&K Shri Roshan Jaggi said that the project came at a cost of Rs 120.00 lacs to cover an area of 600 Kanals of Forest land. He said that the main objectives of establishment of Nagar Van as per Nagar Van Yojana are to create green space and aesthetic environment in an urban set up, creating awareness about plants and biodiversity and develop environment stewardship, facilitating in-situ conservation of important flora of the region, contributing to environmental improvement of city by pollution mitigation, providing cleaner air, noise reduction, water harvesting and reduction of heat islands effect, extend health benefits to residents of city, help city become climate resilient.
The program was also attended by all local leaders, DFOs, Range officers and other officials of J& K Forest Department,

After visiting South Circle, the PCCF & HoFF toured  North Circle on 18th November, 2023  and   inaugurated Van Dhan Kendra in Baramulla, a pivotal center for forest produce, aiming to empower tribal communities and promote sustainable livelihoods. The Van Dhan centre has been established to foster eco-friendly practices and support local economies by adding value to their products.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests inaugurated a state-of-the-art walnut processing unit in Baramulla. This facility marks a significant stride in value addition to the region's rich walnut produce, contributing to economic growth and promoting sustainable practices.

The newly inaugurated unit is equipped with modern processing technologies, enhancing the efficiency of walnut production and ensuring high-quality end products. The initiative aligns with the commitment to empower local communities, providing them with opportunities for skill development and employment.

During the visit, the PCCF reviewed ongoing plantation projects, boundary consolidation works, timber extraction works, disposal of old stocks in forest divisions. The PCCF underscored the need for efficient utilization of resources, achieving plantation targets, constructing boundary pillars, conserving biodiversity, and enhancing the overall health of forest ecosystems.

The PCCF also inaugurated forest huts in Soil Range Baramulla and in Baderkali block of Rajwar Range. PCCF said these huts are envisioned to provide essential infrastructure, enabling field personnel to operate efficiently and contribute to enhanced forest management.

The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests conducted an interactive session with frontline staff in Baderkali block of Langate Forest Division. The PCCF highlighted the critical role played by field staff in conservation efforts and stressed the need to support their work by improving working conditions for forest personnel, recognizing their pivotal role in preserving and safeguarding the natural ecosystems.(KNS)

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