PC, NC engage in war of words

NC calls Sajad Lone a millitant, PC hits back

NC calls Sajad Lone a millitant, PC hits back

Srinagar May 18 (KNS): J&K Peoples Conference on Wednesday hit back at the NC for calling PC President Sajad Gani Lone a former militant. Senior NC leader Javid Rana had, during a rally in Mendhar in presence of NC vice president Omar Abdullah, dubbed Sajad Lone as a former millitant.

In a series of tweets on its official twitter handle PC said, the party said that the sole aim of NC is power and they can go to any extent to achieve that.

"This is typical of the NC. They call us a New Delhi man in Kashmir; they call us a militant in Jammu; And when in Delhi they call us a Pakistani man. With this slander they have got hundreds killed or jailed. They have never allowed anybody to evolve."

In another tweet the party maintained that if the NC wants a debate on who has killed who, they are ready for it.

"Was it not Dr. Farooq Abdullah who held a joint rally with an Ikhwani by the name of Kuka Parray. Is it not the same Kuka Parray who has dozens and dozens of murders to his name. What Dr. Farooq Abdullah ordered as a CM and how many Kahmiri Muslims he killed is a different matter. But his partnership with the Ikhwan and what he got to do under the table would put a third grade Bollywood villain to shame."

PC further stated that they are able to speak fearlessly because they have been a victim of violence from all sides.

"We are not caught up in a moral quandary. There are two types of Kashmiris. The tortured Kashmiri. And the torturer Kashmiri. We can say with pride that we are a part of the mass tortured Kashmiri. We are the victims. We leave it to you to tell us which side were you on”, the statement added.

"We have and will always condemn violence in all its forms and manifestations. We condemn violence by terrorists. We condemn violence by state. We condemn violence by Kashmiri parties when they were in power. We condemn use of pellets. We condemn erosion of the sanctity of human life in Kashmir. Please tell us what do you condemn. And can you please not condemn what you have yourself indulged in. That makes a mockery of condemnation. Torturers cannot condemn torture." the party said in another tweet.(KNS) 

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