Padna likhna abyaan "Adult Education" Started in Kupwara 


Kupwara March 11:(KNS)    Padna likhna abyaan an initiative of samagrah shiksha started in district kupwara from Monday .In the drive all those adults who have crossed the age of 15 years are getting education at their local schools before 10Am and after 4pm one hour daily. A survey has been conducted by the deptt of education under the guidence of Outstanding academician and adminstrator Mr Abdul Hamid Fani where in 70,000 learners has been found in district Kupwara. The qualified youth have volunteered themselves for this sacred initiative and are providing basic education to these learners. People from different walks of life have appreciated this programme. While contacting the DNO of the program Mr Javeed Abdullah he told that it is an inspirational assignment and we welcome all those learners who are facing any challenge in reading,writing or arithmetics, to come forword get your dreams realised. He also mentioned that we are getting many applications from the youth for this volunteer programme and we are having centers at every ZEO office where qualified youth, retired Teachers and others can submit the form for being volunteer and making our district more inspirational and impressive.(KNS)

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