Overcharging of fare by mini buses irks commuters of Bandipora’s Sumlar village

Bandipora, Nov 25 (KNS): Mini buses plying on different routes in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district are brazenly ignoring the fare chart issued by the transport department by overcharging the passengers.

Daily commuters travelling on these routes told Kashmir News Service (KNS) that they are being overcharged for with impunity as district administration has failed to regulate the prices.

They said that even as the government has announced 19% hike in passenger fares, but mini buses running on these routes particularly Sumlar route are charging exorbitant rates.

"If you travel from main market Bandipora to Sumlar bus stand which is just 7 kilometer distance, the mini buses charges Rs 20 against allotted rate of Rs 12 even to minor's and students," a local said.

Notably, government has in March 2021 announced fare hike and announced that sumos would charge Rs25 and mini buses will change Rs 12 but, but government order has been brazenly violated by the transporters here.

Tajamul Islam a daily commuter to Sumlar said mini bus from Sumlar to main market Bandipora charge arbitrarily Rs 20, when the distance till Arin village is 4.5 km but conductors still charge same Rs 20.

"Charging fare has become a will and wish of the bus conductors who decide it in consultation with the drivers," he said.

Meanwhile, the officials of Transport office Bandipora assured the matter would be looked into. (KNS)

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