Oneness political, religious belief of ours, Pandit brothers wise enough to dispel lies: Rouf Bhat on "Kashmir files"

Srinagar March 17:(KNS)  Reacting over the "Kashmir Files" movie, People's Democratic Party Senior leader Rouf Bhat said that oneness is our political and religious belief and Pandit brothers are wise enough to dispel lies. 
According to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Rouf said that defaming muslims particularly kashmiris has become a trend now for communal ideologies and political opportunists and they are leaving no stone unturned to keep this trend intact. 
He also said that "Kashmir Files" has exposed yet another deliberate attempt of " distortion of history" and is a naked example of  biased and willfull attempt of communilisation of events.
He further said that  no body can  justify the killing of innocents and the killing of even a single person is unacceptable and condemnable and same implies to Pandiths and others as well. But what is shown in Kashmir Flies is a naked lie and sheer exaggeration.
" I am extremely sad by this one sided propaganda that Pandits were given asked to choose whether they want to convert, or get eliminated or migrate ( Raliv, mariv ya chaliev).Files is nothing but a propaganda", he added. 
He said that he wish return of Pandits to valley like countless other kashmiris but only they have not suffered. Muslims have suffered more than anyone during the turmoil. They have been victims of rape ( kunanposhpora), custodial killings, fake encounters , tortures , cross firings, unidentified killing etc. 
"We have  thousands half widows of disappeared Kashmiri Muslim boys and men , scores  having been killed in fake encounters and all are waiting to see Kashmir Files producers making a film on that too", Bhat added. 
He also said that the "Kashmir Files" movie is completely designed reel version instead of real version and the scenes in the movie are totally distorted facts. 
"We are, we were and undoubtedly would be one. Oness is our religious and political belief that is why kashmir is incomplete without pandits and vice versa. 
He also said that the movie would not affect the bond of brotherhood between the two communities as the pandit brothers are wise enough to dispel the lies.(KNS)

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