Omicron outbreak: Kadfeen urges admin to take pre-emptive measures without delay

Srinagar, Jan 08 (KNS): Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Saturday has urged the JK admin to take all requisite pre-emptive measures to tackle the emerging COVID-19 3rd wave.  

Kadfeen said that the situation is turning precarious with each passing day and the mounting death toll once again in the national capital is sending the health experts all across the country into a tizzy. He added that if measures aren’t taken on a war footing basis, the situation would come to such a pass that the hospitals will be bundled with sick and the medical fraternity will have a tumultuous time to brace up for.

Kadfeen urged the government administration to ensure COVID appropriate behavior across the crowded places and ensure minimal attendance of people in offices.

He maintained further that any lackadaisical attitude would be calamitous for the state already riddled with poor health infrastructure. Kadfeen said that strict measures are needed to be put in place to ensure that the new variant doesn’t thrive here and leave masses wretched to the core.

Kadfeen highlighted the need for a compressive policy decision in this regard at the earliest. He added that ostracizing the situation would only worsen things and endanger peoples’ lives in more ways than one. (KNS)

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