Omar Abdullah Slams BJP for Rising Terrorism in Jammu

"Postponing elections due to Militants attacks not good for country"

"Postponing elections due to Militants attacks not good for country"

Srinagar, July 10 (KNS): National Conference leader Omar Abdullah criticized the central Government for the increasing Terrorist activities in Jammu, saying they are "being careless" and "not paying attention to their work".

According to KNS correspondent, Abdullah referred to the Supreme Court's directive to complete elections in Jammu and Kashmir by September 30, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's assurance of timely elections during his yoga event in the region.

He expressed confidence in the Election Commission's preparations but slammed the BJP Government for its handling of militancy.

"When PM Modi came here and did yoga, he gave confidence to J&K people that elections will be held on time. Home Minister also gave the same statement. Election Commission is also preparing for elections. So, there is no room for doubt in this," Abdullah said.

Regarding the rising militancy in Jammu, Abdullah said, "You can ask this question to BJP. People who were claiming that all militancy related to J&K will end after removal of Article 370. You can ask this question to them."

"We have repeatedly said that militancy had nothing to do with Article 370.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelRemoval of it will not have any effect on militancy. This has been proved," he added.

Abdullah accused the BJP Government of being "careless" and "not doing their role to improve the situation". He hoped that senior officials would focus on their work and improve the situation.

When asked about the possibility of militant attacks disrupting elections, Abdullah expressed no apprehensions, trusting the Prime Minister and Home Minister to ensure timely polls. However, he warned that bowing down to militant forces would be detrimental to the country.

"If our Prime Minister and Home Minister lose their footing and bow down to these forces, and postpone the elections after these attacks, then I think it will be a very bad thing for our country," Abdullah said.

"If these attacks are being carried out to postpone the elections, then I hope that we will not let these forces succeed. But if our central Government leadership wants to bow down to these forces, then this decision will be theirs," he added. (KNS). 

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