Omar Abdullah accuses ECI of delaying J&K elections, alleges hidden agenda

 Srinagar, June 06(KNS): National Conference Vice President and former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, Tuesday expressed his concern over the delay in holding elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking to the media, Abdullah accused the Election Commission of India (ECI) of intentionally prolonging the process and suggested the presence of a hidden agenda behind the delay.


"Election is the right of the people of J&K, but if they get satisfied by snatching this right, let them do it. We won't bow down before them," said Abdullah, highlighting the importance of allowing the people to exercise their democratic rights.


Abdullah further criticized the ECI's contradictory stance, stating, "The ECI had previously acknowledged the existence of a vacuum in J&K due to the absence of elections. However, they are now delaying the process, despite being aware of this vacuum. It raises suspicions about their intentions."


The former Chief Minister called upon the Election Commission to clarify the reasons behind the delay and urged them to fulfill their responsibility of conducting elections promptly. He emphasized the need for transparency in the electoral process and questioned any hidden motives that may be influencing the ECI's decision-making.(KNS).

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