Observe 9th August as ‘Save India Day’: Sampat Prakash

Srinagar, July 27 (KNS): in a Joint Statement issued by J& K State President Sampat Prakash, Vice Presidents Sheikh Riyaz Ahmed and Gh. Hassan Talib, Mohd. Ashraf Mir Gen. Secy and Chief spokesman Nisar Ali Mir, Shyam Prasad Kesar and Mohyuddin Bhat Patrons of Jammu and Kashmir Provinces respectively. In light of resolution adopted by National Platform of Central Trade Unions along with Sectoral Federations and Associations headed by Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, Gen. Secy. Hind Mazdoor Sabha calls upon the working class of the country to observe 9th August as “ Save India Day” The Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions met on 8th July and then again on 18th, July alongwith Sectoral Federation and Associations and respective State Unit heads to plan next course of agitations all over the country. The meeting took note that the working class under the banner of Central Trade Unions and Sectoral Federations and Associations viewed with serious concern that the educated Jobless are more than 14 crores and if we add the daily wagers/ Contract/ Casual, it is more than 24 crores who are out of livelihood at present. The Unemployment rate is high. ILO has said in its report that more than 40 crore people would be pushed into deeper poverty. That the malnutrition would increase, Hunger deaths would become a daily reality, and there is real threat of depression resulting in suicides amongst the workers, say the Eminent Scientists and Medical experts. All the issues are enraging workers. The meeting once again reiterated the stand of CTUs that the Government of India not only failed in taking necessary steps to contain pandemic COVID 19 in time having wasted four precious months, imposed unplanned lockdown with, short notice bringing in severe miseries to people especially the migrant labourers, failed in taking essential steps for upgrading Health System and providing the safety equipments to front line warriors, it not only failed to recognise the immense services in JndK Union Territory provided by Employees Health Sector, Police, Asha Workers, Municipalities, Local Bodies, Govt. Transport drivers, civil societies and some NGO’s, but the Govt. did not addressed the problems they faced, it faultered in dealing with the problem of COVID-19 as law and order issue instead of treating it as”Medical Emergency” for the human beings and the society. It has caused immense miseries to millions of workers, farmers and other vulnerable sections of the society, whereas Govt stood only by the big business class. The CTUs reiterated their opposition to disinvestment and privatisation of Power Development Corporation and other PSU’s of JndK. The decision of DA freeze of 48 lac Central Government Employees and DR freeze of 68 lac Pensioners which is also having impact on 5 lac State Government Employees, Public Sector and Universities besides 2.50 lac State Government Pensioners, Gazetted and Non Gazetted in JndK State in particular which is otherwise, economically backward state without any big Corporate houses, investment in establishing Industrial houses in JndK for the last 70 years . The JndK Government has not even provided “Unemployment Allowance” to Educated youth including Ph.d Scholars, Technocrats, Medical Professionals and Skilled workers numbering in lacs. The JndK Govt is not advertising the sanctioned posts lying vacant in different departments and creating new jobs in Govt. department continues in detriment to the young aspirants for jobs. Continuous price rise in Petrol and Diesel made effective on 22 occassions in the last two months is another big blow to the people. The traditional Handicrafts Industry which has been the backbone of our Economy for Centuries in Kashmir has provided Employment to lacs of Artisans class is in shambles today because the Tourist Industry in JndK in particular and world wide in general is at the lowest ebb. The Transpoy Industry has reached to the starvation level. Lacs of people connected with the Tourism and Hotel Industry are pushed to starvation after 5th August, 2019 when Article 370 and 35A were abrogated. This is the saddest affair of JndK. The JndK Union Territory govt. is pronouncing day in and day out Plans and Programmes, Growth and gain, Enlargement and Achievements of fair administration but reality is “reverse” after 5th August, 2019. The working people of JndK should begin to think and then to Act. The All India CTUs in its recent meeting at Delhi have decided to observe country wide Satyagrahas/ Jail Bharo or any other form of militant agitations in all work places/ Industrial Centres / Distt. Head Quarters on 9th of August 2020. “Quit India Day” as “Save India Day” throughout the Country. In JndK, 9th August, 1953 is a “ Black Day”, when the elected government of Jammu and Kashmir was dismissed and legislature dissolved headed by Late Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah as Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, hundreds of Political activists were jailed and people of Kashmir has been celebrating it as a “ Murder on Democracy” every year which they had achieved after centuries of slavery. Delhi made Govt. was installed and Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah put behind the bars for years. The Jammu and Kashmir working class / Civil Society should also be part and parcel of All India Programme of 9th August, 2020 with a slogan “ Save Jammu and Kashmir” from both destruction with millions of All India Working Class, 9th August coincides with our aspirations (KNS)

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