Now people need not to depend on labs based outside Valley for test reports: MD AMRL Labs Dr Bakhshi

Says lab providing pension scheme for employees to give them sense of job security

Says lab providing pension scheme for employees to give them sense of job security

Srinagar, Oct 30 (KNS): Managing Director AMRL Labs, Dr Qouser Bakshi on Saturday said that the main motive behind AMRL lab is to counter the tests which were being done here but were send outside valley for diagnosis.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS) he said that they have initiated this setup to make the process of diagnosis easy and fast and also this will save the transportation costs which were incurred for sending medical tests and reports outside the valley.

“AMRL Lab is presently focusing on microbiology aspects. Our lab is the first lab in the Kashmir valley where for microbiology related tests, BD Bactec has been installed. BD bactec provides a full line of blood culture media developed specifically for detection of yeast, fungi and bacteria. The tests which require culture diagnosis were earlier sent outside but they were not 100% reliable due to emergence of bacteria formed due to longer time span,” he said, adding that so they took this step for bringing world’s number one microbiology equipment (BD bactec) in their Lab. 

“This will prove beneficial as early diagnosis will help patients to treat the disease early.”

Dr. Bakshi said that definitely, this step will prove beneficial for the people of the valley as this will save a lot of time which earlier took so many days. 

“Earlier test cultures were sent outside the valley like blood culture, other fluid cultures which was quite a long process. But this initiative will conduct all these tests within no time.”

He said that the in-house pathology is also being provided for biopsies which also earlier were completely dependent on laboratories outside the valley. “Blocks and slides are provided on time to tumour patients by our lab so that tertiary care review of these patients will take place on time and the life of a patient could be saved.”

“AMRL lab is the first private sector throughout India which has launched pension schemes for their employees. Employees are eligible for the pension after getting permanent job reservation. This initiative will also help the unemployed youth of the valley as working here will provide them a sense of job security,” he said.

He said that “It’s Accurate or Nothing” tagline that defines their quality. “We will work accurately and with authenticity. We wont lure patients for just money grabbing. Our lab has a well qualified panel of pathologists and microbiologists who are well versed with their professional duties. Our technicians are also well qualified and fully trained on automation, so that accurate and authentic tests can be done for saving the life of patients,” he said.

Dr. Bakshi said that definitely within couple of months they will come up with molecular lab also so that everything will be done in-house and the people will be benefitted as this will save their money and time.  

"Our main motive behind this setup is to carry out a noble deed to save the time of patients so that early diagnosis can lead to early cure. The lab is NABL aggregated and ICMR approved,” he said.

He said that within couple of months, ARML will be upgraded fully so that patients do not have to be dependent on labs outside the valley for test reports. “People will absolutely feel a difference in our lab as our motive is only life saving.”

Notably, AMRL Lab, situated at Karan Nagar near National School, is one of the fastest growing healthcare organization in the valley owned and managed by Dr Qouser Bakshi.(KNS)

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