No one is against Lockdown but Government must look after poorest of poor, assist Business community- Ashai

Srinagar, 29 April (KNS): Jammu Kashmir Awami Itehad Party leader and Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai lambasted Modi Government for its atrociously inefficacious response towards tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.

As per the statement issued to Kashmir news service (KNS), AIP leader slammed the churlish tomfoolery of those at the helm and condemned ill-advised Kumbh melas; mammoth elections rallies amidst a global pandemic, Ashai also came down heavily on Jammu Kashmir Administration for playing with lives of thousands by organising outlandishly unnecessary Tulip festivals, dance shows and music concerts where zero adherence to Covid-19 safety protocols, physical distancing was observed.

He resolutely advised the Government to think about the poorest of poor, economically weaker sections while planning lockdowns.

He said, “No one is against Covid-19 lockdowns, but it is incumbent upon current administration to also think about poorest of poor, low-income groups, daily-wage earners. The very same people who were left to fend for themselves even last time around by this demoniacal regime”. Ashai sought from the Government of the day a comprehensive economic package for economically weaker sections of the society.

The government needs to wake up to the realities, excoriating the twenty lakh crore; 350 crore package farces Ashai reprimanded those at the helm and forewarned that such evil trickery won’t be tolerated this time around.

Speaking about the twenty lakh crore package of Modi regime and 350 crores covid package of JK Government, AIP Spokesperson strongly demanded beneficiary details of JK Government’s 350 crore covid relief package of 2020 be made public. Calling out the subterfuge he questioned Government’s hesitance to put details of beneficiaries in the public domain.

If the package was supposed to assist economically weaker and provide succour to the business community even though it wasn’t even 0.35 per cent of the annual JK budgetary allocation why hasn’t the Government till date provided us with the details of beneficiaries of such a package. 

What problem does this regime have with transparency? Admonishing the wicked chicanery of 20 lakh crore package which was supposed to be a booster for the Indian economy, Ashai asked everyone to check what amount was in actuality directly spend in reinstating the dilapidated economy of India.

The package was a combination of loans, credit guarantees, central bank liquidity operations were counted as part of the post-lockdown rebuilding package. Deferring tax on TDS, reduction in the mandatory Provident Fund contribution rate was touted as government spending.

The package in reality did not cost Government more than 1.7 Lakh crores and the rest was just "jugglery of words" and "building castles of make-believe" that BJP specialises in. BJP must understand that their ill-planned, botched executed lockdowns, heartless approach and criminal nonchalance is directly responsible for millions of deaths in India.

Taking a dig at BJP top brass which was busy campaigning in West Bengal while covid related casualties continued to rise in Delhi and Maharashtra AIP Leader commented, “If only half the energy that was used to crush opposition, muzzle media; strangulate organs of state would’ve been utilised to address the shortage of basic oxygen cylinders, ventilators, huge deficiency of hospital beds, life-saving drugs things wouldn’t have been this bad”.

Ashai also pointed attention of the current administration towards the ailing business community asked Modi and Co to seek repentance for their sinful actions in Kashmir. Elucidating how thanks to Modi regime and their devilish policies since 2019, Kashmiri businesses have suffered losses amounting to about one lakh crores and more than two lakh people have lost their jobs.

Ashai demanded from the current regime in India to announce a financial assistance package of at least fifty thousand crores immediately to support the ailing business community in Jammu and Kashmir. BJP must realise that their political madness, evil decisions have absolutely wrecked havoc in a county of 1.3 billion people and time demands expeditious coarse correction. (KNS)

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