NLCO Advances in Community Flagship Cleaning Program: Mission Ehsaas Phase-3

Srinagar  Oct 22 (KNS): Nageen Lake Conservation Organisation (NLCO) is delighted to announce significant progress in its community flagship cleaning program, Mission Ehsaas Phase-3. Today, NLCO successfully completed the final touches to the Gilsar Lake cleaning effort and is now geared up to extend its transformative impact to Khushalsar Lake.

The President of NLCO, Manzoor Wangnoo, was on-site at Gilkadal today to oversee the restoration work. The dedicated NLCO team, with unwavering support from various organizations and individuals, saw moving of the essential cleaning equipment to Khushalsar Lake. This will help in the removal of azolla and other contaminants, ultimately enhancing the aesthetics and ecological health of the lake.

In a heartfelt gesture of appreciation, Mr. Wangnoo expressed his gratitude to the Divisional Administration, Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Lakes and conservation and management authority (LC&MA), and the Jammu and Kashmir Police for their unwavering support. He also extended his thanks to all stakeholders and NLCO volunteers who have been instrumental in this transformative initiative.

Acknowledging the positive and prompt response from the Chief Secretary, Mr. Wangnoo voiced optimism that the twin lakes' eco-conservation efforts would commence shortly. He highlighted the need to address critical issues, including demarcation, the connection of drains to Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), and the crucial re-establishment of old traditional navigation routes.

The Nageen Lake Conservation Organisation remains committed to its mission to rejuvenate and preserve the natural beauty and ecological balance of these lakes, striving for a more sustainable and vibrant future.(KNS)

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