Nizamuddin Bhat welcomes elected panchs from Putushai into party fold

Bandipora, Jan 08 (KNS): Senior PDP leader and former legislator Nizamuddin Bhat has welcomed three elected Panchs from Patushi into his party.

Bhat in a statement Issued to KNS said that, the grassroot representatives from Bandipore who were not part of our party have well realized the value of legitimate politics as against politics of canards, propaganda and falsehood. 

He said Bandipore has suffered a dent in its historical reputation as an abode of knowledge, ethics and natural ambience as this became victim of gun culture.

"People realize how damaging it was to encourage mercenaries and turn coats and if given free hand will try a turn around."

He appealed all newly elected representatives not to fall prey to temptations and dedicate themselves to real public service.

He assured his full support and encouragement to all elected members of Panchayat and local bodies in accomplishment of their duties as trustees of masses(KNS).

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