Nizam-ud-din Bhat extends felicitation on Deepawali, urges GOI to grant amnesty to jailed JK youth

Srinagar, Nov 03 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference has urged the Government of India to send out a positive message on the festive occasion of Deepawali by releasing Kashmiri youth and minors jailed in various prisons and juvenile centers across the country.

In a statement issued to KNS, former legislator and senior PC leader Nizam-ud-din Bhat said that this has been a standard practice of the welfare state to show compassion and empathy on such occasions. He underlined the importance of youth and their involvement in their own upliftment and said that measures needed to be taken by government to empower them so that they could play a vital role in ending decades of uncertainty and chaos while bringing in a new dawn of prosperity and everlasting peace.

Bhat has urged the government of India to set free the youth of Jammu and Kashmir so that a positive message is sent out to the fraternity on the occasion of Deepawali and that such measures would contribute to making the young minds understand that they can claim ownership and avail the opportunities for their growth in an atmosphere of liberty.

“Such confidence-building measures will yield the positive outcome and the years of alienation could cease to exist", Bhat said.

He added further, “minors are amenable to  influences, more at times of uncertainty, which puts them on a direction not conducive to their harmonius growth. Therefore, it is imperative that a compassionate and empathic view is taken for larger interest, which will only help harness their potential for building a peaceful and prosperous society.

On behalf of the Peoples Conference, he extended felicitations to the Hindu brethren on the occasion of Deepawali and sought their support to bring peace and tranquility to the troubled Jammu and Kashmir,” Bhat said. (KNS)

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