New touted “change’ post August 5 not tailored to J&K’s distinctive problems, socio-economic characteristics: Sagar 

Says only NC can stop Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh from heralding into Chaos, asks party functionaries to increase public contact, take party programe to every door step

Addresses Party’s Block Halqa level functionaries of Khanyar at Party headquarters Nawa-e-Subha 
Srinagar, 17 March:(KNS)  The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar on Wednesday said that only National Conference can stop Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh from heralding into chaos, saying that the party is committed to its founding principles underlying protecting J&K’s cultural and political interests. 
While addressing the party’s block and Halqa functionaries from Khanyar constituency Segment here at party head quarters, Party’s General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar said that there was discrimination against the people of Jammu and Kashmir and that the locals aren’t being actively involved in decision making processes at highest levels of government.  At present there is an impression among masses that local government, law making and other democratic and political powers enjoyed by the countrymen in other parts of the country are only the matter for the airdropped oligarchy of officials alone. 
“GOI has failed to tailor the new touted change post unilateral abrogation to the local geography, history, culture, political aspirations and different socio-economic characteristics of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Sher e Kashmir during his lifetime fought zealously against the over centralization of system to foster a genuine division of powers between center and the state. Far from strengthening the idea of friendly, participatory and democratic federalism, the present ruling dispensation is abating the democratic rights of people. Putting JK into the hands of unrelated bureaucrats is a point in case.  Perhaps the only place in the entire country, where people are denied democracy and due stake in legislation and decision making,” he said.
He said National Conference with its long history boasts the vigor and vitality to rescue the people of Jammu and Kashmir to safe shores. “National Conference with its inclusive economic, political roadmap can salvage the entire region which is in ruins post abrogation. It is not an easy task to put Jammu, Kashmir regions on the path of development, however, our party with Dr Farooq Sahib in Vanguard, were able to restore, peace, prosperity in the region earlier also. During the successive NC led Government, Omar Sahib too revolution every sector of economy in J&K. the party whenever it was in the steering position of government has given a sense of entitlement to the people of JK especially the youth. The era of NC was marked by upheaval in participatory development and multi sectored growth in agriculture, horticulture and due emphasis on up gradation of urban infrastructure was unmatched. However the dividends achieved by NC over years have been revered,” he said.
He said the much touted new model of governance in JK was marked by repressive, lopsided and heavy taxation being levied on people. “The insensitiveness of the government can be ascertained by the way people are being overburdened with taxes ranging from toll taxes, property taxes, to houses taxes. The new taxation regime is hurting our marginalized farmers, salaried class and other weaker sections of the society; when it comes to giving the money back to people the government turns blank. Work on all the major road, sewage, drainage, health and education projects has been put into a cold storage. The plight of agriculture and its allied sectors is equally depressing,” he said.
While urging the workers to increase their public contact Sagar said that  people were the real source of power and party members should live up to their obligations by serving the people in their respective areas. He impressed upon the visiting delegations to increase their public contact, saying that there was no scope for contentment. “The road ahead of us is very challenging. We are not fighting for power. Our aim is to restore the dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The route we have chosen to achieve our rights is peaceful, democratic and constitutional,” he said. He asked the district functionaries to prioritize giving party membership to youth and women. He also urged the functionaries to take party programme to every door step,” he said.
Party’s YNC Provincial President Salman Ali Sagar was also present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion he stated that the  absence of  any  impetus to the infra-projects, ineptitude to cope up with the aftermaths of the rampaging two successive lock downs post august 5 2019 has badly exposed the failures of  coterie having their hands on the helms of power in J&K. "We only see officials change their stripes and do photo-ops. The over centralization of the center in Jammu and Kashmir is “pushing one size for all” kind of measures with little consideration people’s aspirations,” he said. 
On the occasion party affairs and other issues confronting the people were also discussed. The party general secretary and YNC Provincial president asked the functionaries, block and Halqa presidents to increase their public outreach in the Khanyar constituency saying that Srinagar is the fortress of National Conference and will continue to remain so.(KNS)

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