NC showing green gardens to Kashmiris but ends with nothing: BJP

'From Sheikh Abdullah to his grandson, NC befooling Kashmiris'

Srinagar, Aug 30 (KNS): BJP general Secretary Ashok Koul today attacked the mainstream parties of Kashmir for what he called befooling people of Kashmir.
Reacting to the NC, Koul said they have fooled people all these years.
"We have done the right thing to Kashmir. In 1953 Sheikh Abdullah was arrested and later he created Plebiscite Front and subsequently bdullah made himself the chairman of the Front and M Afzal Baig Working President of the Front."
Attacking the policies of NC stalwart, Kaul said in 1975 when Sheikh Abdullah returned as CM of J&K, he then said the laws have been made here shall be removed.
"A committee was framed by Sheikh Abdullah of three ministers then and they concluded that the laws made were right in nature," he said.
Kaul said he really doesn’t understand, why they are fooling people.
"BJP is committed to its promises and principles. We are doing, what we are promising to people since 1947. They are blackmailing people in the name of sentiment and aspirations, they are doing nothing but fooling people," he said.
Kaul said they showing green gardens to people but ends with nothing.
The BJP leader said all these decades they mainstream leaders served their own interests and nothing else. (KNS)

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