NC has long been recognized with wishes and aspirations of JK people: Sagar

Gul tours Eidgah constituency, says successive regimes post 2015 not able to keep up with good work done by successive NC led governments

Gul tours Eidgah constituency, says successive regimes post 2015 not able to keep up with good work done by successive NC led governments

Srinagar, July 05: (KNS) The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference General Secretary on Monday said the Party is alive to the predicaments suffered by the people of Jammu and Kashmir  and will leave no stone unturned to raise them at all appropriate forums to get them addressed.

This was said by him while addressing various delegations who had called on him from various districts here at party headquarters Nawa-e-Subha, Srinagar. On the occasion scores of parent body, youth and women functionaries were also present. Addressing the delegations, Sagar said being representative of the people's aspirations, the party will raise the issues confronting the people at all forums for their mitigation. He said the party functionaries, Members of Parliament and DDCs are knocking every door to get the issues faced by the people redressed.

“Our party has long been recognized with the wishes and aspirations of the people.  Party’s achievements in terms of empowering people, laying the foundations of democracy, watering of secular ideals,  and ushering in a balanced  and well nuanced development in all the regions of Jammu and Kashmir is  embedded in the collective memory  of  our people.   It was NC that transformed the fate of people from that of abject poverty to that of opulence. Our leadership perpetuated the idea that people are the real source of power and the elected representatives are meant to serve the people. In every successive decade, the party donned different roles to protect and safeguard the interests of the people of J&K.   Our pro poor, pro workers, pro agriculturalist, progressive ideology and our commitment to people first are what make us a durable and surviving party in the sub-continent.  The people in every part of J&K, it goes without saying, are waiting with bated breath to see the return of a popular government, democratic set-up, empowerment of institutions and stability in the region,” he said.

"The efforts of successive NC led governments under the leadership of Sher e Kashmir, Dr Farooq Sahib, and Omar Sahib in achieving social cohesion, equity and equality gave massive developmental dividends to people in all sectors. Our distinctive secular and socialist ideology gave clarity to our vision of development, clarity serving people with an inclusive governance approach. Today the people of JK are beseeching for inclusive development policies to bridge the growing socio-economic divide, soaring unemployment, widespread development deficit and pervasive unaccountability. Of late people have understood that there can be no substitute for NC,” he said.

Meanwhile Party’s senior leader Mubarak Gul today toured various localities in Eidgah constituency to assess the pace of work on various important ongoing infra-projects.  During his hour’s long tour of the constituency, Gul made various stopovers at Palpura, Goripura, Noorbagh and other adjoining areas. The visiting leader interacted with the local people who apprised him about the crumbling road infrastructure and lack of proper drainage in the Palpura, Goripura, Noorbagh and other adjoining hamlets. Expressing concern over the predicaments suffered by the local populace due to the paucity of basic public services, unemployment, lack of proper drainage and all weather connectivity, Gul said the areas have been receiving step motherly treatment at the hands of successive regimes since 2015.

 “There has been no headway on any project in the area. The successive regimes post 2015 was not able to keep up with the good work done during my tenure as MLA. Almost all the infra-projects have been stalled and left mid way. There has been no augmentation of public services, health services and sanitation works in the areas for over areas.  The local populace has been left to fend for them; the artisans and unemployed youth are particularly bearing the brunt of policy paralysis of the incumbent JK administration,” he said.(KNS)

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