Mudasir Karim Urges Prioritization of Community Well-being for 15th Shabaan Observance

 Srinagar, 21 Feb(KNS): Mudasir Karim, the Youth President of J&K Peoples Conference, has issued an urgent appeal to the authorities in Kashmir as the significant date of the 15th Shabaan approaches, falling on Sunday, February 25th, 2024. With deep concern for the well-being of the community, he implores the Divisional Kashmir Administration, SMC, and KPDCL etc to prioritize essential tasks crucial for the observance of this sacred occasion.

Karim emphasizes the critical need for sanitation, light repairs, and grass cutting in major graveyards, shrines, mosques, and Imam Barghas across Srinagar. These measures are vital to ensure a dignified and respectful environment for all individuals participating in the commemoration.
Furthermore, he stresses the importance of seamless electricity supply in the evening to these sites. Uninterrupted power is essential for the uninterrupted observance of religious rites and ceremonies, fostering a sense of tranquility and reverence among attendees.
Karim believes that the swift response of the authorities to this appeal will not only demonstrate their commitment to public service but also play a significant role in fostering unity and harmony within the community.
He urges for collective efforts in prioritizing the well-being and comfort of all individuals as they prepare to observe the 15th Shabaan. Karim expresses gratitude for the cooperation of the authorities in fostering a conducive environment for all.(KNS).

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