Mohammad Ashraf Mir visits TCI Gujjar Basti at Khonmoh

‘Listens to the pleas of ST community; Urges Govt. to provide basic facilities to local inhabitants’

‘Listens to the pleas of ST community; Urges Govt. to provide basic facilities to local inhabitants’

Srinagar, Nov 11 (KNS): Former Minister and Apni Party Provincial President Kashmir Mohmmad Ashraf Mir on Thursday carried out an extensive outreach tour to TCI Gujjar Basti in Khonmoh wherein he listened to the grievances of the ST community members.

In a statement issued here, Mir said the members belonging to the ST community living in the area have been grossly neglected by the administration with regards to zero access to the imperative public infrastructural facilities.

“In a welfare government, it is essential that people have access to basic infrastructure through which their lives can become a little more comfortable. However, the people of the Gujjar Basti-Khonmoh have been facing immense problems due to sheer administrative neglect,” he remarked.

Mir said that deplorable condition of the roads in Gujjar Basti has been extremely agonizing that has bolstered huge difficulties for the people in all weathers and seasons. “At this time of ultra-modernised era, not only roads but the people here have no access to electricity or pure drinking water supplies,” he added.

Furthermore, Mir urged the administration to resolve the grievances of the inhabitants of Gujjar Basti on a prompt basis especially in view of the approaching winters.

He also demanded for establishing a ration outlet  in the area as the carriage charges for the ration exceed its original price. 'Administration must resonate with their genuine demands without any further laxity so that their grievances are alleviated at an earliest. They must also be treated on the same standards as rest of the people who have an uninterrupted access to hassle-free requisite facilities provided by the government,” he added.

Besides, DDC Chairman Srinagar Malik Aftab, BDC Chairman Ghulam Hussain, District Vice President Srinagar Mohammad Shafi Mir, Youth District President Srinagar Mohsin Zaffar Shah, District Youth Joint Secretary Srinagar Yasub Ahmad and District Office Secretary Srinagar Naveed  along with other Party leaders and workers also accompanied in this outreach program. (KNS)

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