Modi govt totally exposed on corruption issue: Vikar

Congress will strongly fight against BJP's dictator ship : Bhalla

Congress will strongly fight against BJP's dictator ship : Bhalla

Suchetgarh,March 24 (KNS):  JKPCC President Vikar Rasool Wani has said that BJP government led by Modi- Shah is fully exposed on hollow slogans of corruption after the Supreme Court order exposed Electoral Bond scheme.

Addressing a large public meeting at Suchetgarh today along with Working President & Congress nominee for Jammu Lok Sabha Shri Vikar Rasool Wani hit out at BJP for launching the biggest corruption scheme of electoral bonds in the post independence India. BJP befooled people all these years in the name of checking corruption but after this exposure people should not have any doubt about fake slogans of BJP. 
He said that BJP has imposed undeclared emergency in the country and pushing all democratic norms to winds and if elected again will push county to worst form of dictatorship. 

Rasool told that on one hand Modi ji party has collected huge funds through electoral bonds and on the other hand all the bank accounts of Congress are sealed. He said that in the name of election donations, BJP has extorted money from small and big capitalists of this country and has distributed the money of the people of this country in the name of government contracts to the same companies which had donated to BJP. 

A huge rally was organized by Kisan Cell Vice Chairman Dalip Kumar in which a large number of local people participated.

 In the public meeting Bhalla described the last ten years of the Bharatiya Janata Party as the period of injustice and claimed that in the coming elections, the public will teach such a lesson to the BJP which will be a big message for those doing politics in the name of religion also. Exposing the arbitrariness of BJP from Agriveer Yojana to  Bharatmala Project to electoral bonds, Bhalla said that now the whole country has come to know how much difference there is between Modi ji's words and actions. 

Talking about the importance of the Constitution in democracy, Bhalla said that BJP is now bent on changing the Constitution of this country which was once given to this country by Congress under the chairman ship of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar .. Pointing to the snatching of the status of  statehood of Jammu and Kashmir, Bhalla said that on one hand BJP has abolished the rights of people from  land, jobs, resources on the other hand installed smart meters to toll plazas & gave large scale unemployment and price rise. 

Bhalla warned that  if BJP comes to power once again, there will be no elections again in this country and the remaining democracy will not survive either.

Several senior leaders addressed the gathering & said  that today the Godi media of this country has refused to even print the advertisements of Congress which it sees against BJP which shows the level of democracy today.

They also raised questions on the role of the country's largest bank SBI in the Supreme Court regarding election donations &  claimed that now the people of this country are fed up with the anti-people policies of BJP .

Those spoke included Former MP VP Trilok Singh Bajwa, DDC & General PCC, S Taranjit Singh Tony, General Secretaries Pawan Raina, Shashi Sharma, Amrit Bali, Suresh Dogra, Arshad Ahmed Tantray, SC Department  Chairman Karan Bhagat, Minority Cell Chairman Rajender Singh Nathu, Social Media Chairman Jatin K Raina, ST Cell Vice Chairman Hussain Ali Waffa, Badri Nath, Charanjit Bhagat, Ajaib Moton, Gurmeet Singh, Jatindra Bhagat, Sanjeev Katal, Dhyan Singh, Jasmeet Singh and others.(KNS)

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