Modi Govt streamlined development, realized projects without hassle: Priya Sethi

Says Congress did nothing to prioritize welfare of masses, except looting Govt resources

Says Congress did nothing to prioritize welfare of masses, except looting Govt resources

Jammu March 27 (KNS): Former Minister and BJP National Executive Member Priya Sethi on Wednesday said that central government led by PM Narendra Modi has streamlined development process in J&K by envisaging and realizing projects to ensure equitable progress of all regions.

While chairing an Election Management Committeeof Bahu Constituency here today, the senior BJP functionary said that unlike the terms of successive regimes headed by Congress and other regional political parties whereby people had to fight for their genuine demands including development projects, the Modi government has established a system ensuring satiation of people’s aspirations in precisely perfect manner as in the case of AIIMS, IIT, ring roads, IIM, holding G20 summit in Srinagar and many more accomplishments which became a reality without any hassle or unnecessary tussle between the government and the people. 

Priya Sethi vehemently criticized the Congress party, asserting that it had failed to prioritize the welfare of the general public, instead allegedly engaging in the looting of governmental resources. She lamented the alleged absence of meaningful initiatives aimed at uplifting the masses, highlighting what she perceived as a pattern of exploitation and disregard for the populace.

The former minister emphasized that Modi Government has not only acted as being a harbinger of peace and development, rather it has ensured equitable development of the entire UT with no traces of prejudice or partiality on the basis or regions, religions or linguistic variations. She said that Modi Government has achieved expertise in delivering justice to all sections of society including women, Gujjars and Bakerwals, Pahadis, Valmikis, DPs from PoJK, etc.

 “Unlike other political entities like Congress that ruled the country in the past by creating fissures among different sections of the society, the Modi government has plugged in wedges through fair justice delivery by tailoring welfare schemes for one and all, without any exceptions, making it amply clear that the BJP Government has no match when it comes to make the country a better place to live”, she added.

Priya Sethi asserted that people should think hundred times before casting their votes in the upcoming polls because their vote in BJP’s favour can increase the pace of development manifold times but on the contrary a wrong decision in this matter can prove disastrous for India.

Rekha Mahajan, President BJP South Constituency, in her address, emphasized the transformative impact of the Modi government's policies in fostering inclusive development across the region. She commended the government's efforts in addressing the needs of various segments of society and reiterated the importance of supporting the BJP in the upcoming elections to sustain the momentum of progress. 
She urged voters to unite behind the BJP's vision for a prosperous and harmonious India, underscoring the party's dedication to advancing the welfare of all citizens.(KNS)

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