Mir Junaid greets people on the eve of Eid Ul Azha

Appeals people to pray for peace and harmony

Appeals people to pray for peace and harmony

Srinagar, Jul 09 (KNS): The president of Jammu Kashmir Workers Party Mir Junaid extended warm greetings and his best wishes to the people of country on the occasion of Eid-Ul-Azha. 

In his message Mir said, “This Eid is a lesson for all of us to sacrifice our ego, violence, and devote ourselves by helping people and working for peace. This celebration explains the value of the virtue that is patience.”
While explaining the patience and how obediently Hazrat Ismail said yes to the dream of his father, Hazrat Ibrahim for sacrificing Ismail, he added.

“ Hazrat Ismail said to his father that you will find Ismail obeying whatever has been said to Him. This Eid teaches us that we need to be obedient, patient, and always show good conduct that are the most needed in current times.” Added Mir. 

He further added that it is the responsibility of every person to find out the downtrodden in their vicinity and help them to celebrate this pious occasion. 

Mir on the occasion wished for the recovery of the injured ones at 
Amarnath cave and prayed for the departed souls who lost their lives in the flash floods at holy cave.(KNS) 

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