Mehbooba Mufti creating new confusion on Article 370: Former PDP leader

Srinagar, Nov 29 (KNS): While castigating Mehbooba Mufti on her recent statements, former PDP leader and prominent political activist Ghulam Mohammad Mir today said that she is creating new confusion amongst the people of Kashmir on Article 370. 

"It is a matter of humor, more of humor and less of politics, that a person by the name of Mehbooba Mufti is issuing sermons on Kashmiri nationalism. May we ask Miss Mufti that if we are not wrong are you not the same person who in the 2014 assembly elections fought on a plank that they are the only party which can keep the BJP away. Did you not in your public speeches and election rallies sought vote specifically to keep the BJP away. And post elections are you not the same party which jumped into an alliance with them, utterly disregarding the sentiment of the votes? 

Mir said that it is humiliating for the people of Kashmir that a person with such dubious credentials actually can muster the courage to issue statements laced with with morality. 

"Was your father not the cheif minister with BJP's support, were you not the chief minister with BJP’S support", he asked. 

Responding to her utterances on proxy parties, Mir said that the National Conference have all along been of the opinion that PDP is a proxy party created by the BJP during the vajpayee regime.

"Madam, are you including yourself in the list of proxy party or are you excluding yourself of the list. Have some shame or we will have to redefine shameless in the dictionary", he added. 

Mir further maintained that Article 370 was revoked in the parliament and can be reenact either in the parliament or by an intervention of the court. 

"You know it better than us that the state assembly has no role now and also that when something is sub-judice parliament or assembly does not not have an authority to pass a resolution on that. Please resist from creating further confusion on this issue", he added. (KNS)

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