Meet Rukaya Jamshed, a teacher who published her maiden book

Waris Fayaz
Srinagar, Apr 13 (KNS): Rukaya Jamshed an M.Phil in Geography and Regional Development from University of Kashmir has published her maiden book titled 'Soch Kral on The Point of Singularity'. 
The 68-page book, according to Rukaya has touched 'Sufism' with 'Modern Science',  Iqbaliyat and Mysticism. 
Rukaya, who hails from Srinagar's Peer Bagh locality, is a school teacher by profession and is posted in Budgam.
While talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS) she said that she has been writing since her childhood days.
She says ‘Soch Kral on The Point of Singularity' is her first book which is available in market and on Amazon store, while nowadays she is working on its part two that will be released soon. 
She also said that she has been teaching at Boys Higher Secondary School, Budgam, and earlier she was teaching at Presentation Convent in Srinagar. 
“I started teaching since I completed my PG. Though I was having no plans to become a teacher, but I believe teaching gives birth to every profession that is why I chose it. The best part about it is the counselling and motivation we are able to give children to get them on the right track,” she says. 
On being asked about her inspiration for writing this book, she said that basic understanding of religion treads a way for one to unroll Sufism through a lens of modern science, this is what 'Soch Kral on The Point of Singularity' is all about. 
“I am inspired by my father who has an expertee in Sufism and Persian literature and I have been following his footsteps, which brought me to this stage,” she said. 
Rukaya said that she also faced many difficulties while writing this book as with whom she discussed the Kalam, she found their perception different but she was so adamant to resolve all of them. 
“Moreover, being in a teaching profession and a house lady - who is supposed to do kitchen work as well, it has always been a challenging task but I'm thankful to Almighty Allah who has bestowed me with an understanding family. Family never let me down instead they supported,” she said. 
She also said that every day is a challenge and if a child is a slow learner, at times they are losers, for what a child gives is a reflection of the teacher, so for a teacher every day, every hour, every minute is a challenge.
On being asked about her favourite author, she said that she used to read a lot as a child and in college, but now she so busy that she not able to read as much. “Khalil Gibran and Alif Shafaq are my favorite authors whom I often read.” 
She also said that printing and publishing of the book were solely for her interest and of her own taste.
“Whatever I spent, I spent it out of my own money for this but the support from Wular Publishing House can't be ruled out as it offers services at a very low price range. I don’t mind spending out of my own pocket, when I work so hard to earn for myself,” he said. (KNS)

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