Left politics as my dreams were shattered: Nayeema Mehjoor

Srinagar, Jun 29 (KNS): The former chairperson of State Commission for Women, Nayeema Ahmad Mehjoor Saturday said that she left Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and politics as her dreams were shattered soon by alliance, snubs to leadership and bad decisions, which undermined her every decision.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), Mehjoor who is also a senior journalist and author of penguin said that “we need to ponder over the situation that we are losing four to five young boys daily. And, we need to think seriously what type of politics is being played with innocent and gullible people of Kashmir who unfortunately believe every word politicians tell them.”

“We have become a divided nation with so many groups and sects and policies and ideologies. Unless this divided house come together to find middle ground for Kashmir issue, we are not reaching anywhere. Rather, we are losing everything, language, culture, identity and the sensibility… Most of all we are losing our youth and our future….Think about it seriously,” she added.

“These thoughts about politics are based on my experience of brief stint with one of the political parties. My decision of leaving family to journalistic career to comforts of life in London was purely based on my dream of achieving peace, dignity and safety for Kashmir. And, that was the promise made by late Mufti Mohammed Syed to me before I committed to join politics few years back. The dream got shattered very soon from alliance to the continuous snubs that undermined every decision. I left politics and the party after some time and returned to my passion of journalism. My time was brief in politics, yet, the experiences are too bitter to remember. And, too hard to believe mainstream,” she added.

Notably, Mehjoor has now returned to journalism and writes in one of the reputed papers of England. (KNS) 

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