Lal Singh says jobs, land and property rights of J&K people will be protected

Jammu March 29 (KNS):  Former MP and Ex. Minister  Ch. Lal Singh conducted its canvassing for the parliamentary election 20204. Ch. Lal Singh started a bike and car which started from Challog and passed from Duggan, Baddi, Taggar, Loang, and culminated at Bani where Ch Lal Singh Addressed a huge gathering and asked for the mandate.

Ch.Lal Singh while addressing the gathering ,urged upon the people to vote for him en masse and promised that the loss which they suffered in the last ten years which include loss of jobs,land, property and even the livelihood of the common masses , shall be restored. He  reiterated its stand of fighting  for  the  interest  of the Dogra race and pledged  to  expose  all  those  forces  inimical to  the  growth of  the  Dogras. 

While addressing the gathering, Ch. Lal Singh said that I am contesting elections for the jobs of the people of my area and state and I am struggling  for the protection  of the Dogra posterity  and will never be demoralized. Ch. Lal Singh also said the local issues of the people of his constituency will remain his top priority. While addressing the gathering he said that the water pipe scam of PHE will be investigated fairly and if the congress is voted to power, all the culprits will be behind the bars. He also took up the issue of long power cuts in the area. He said the present MP does not even know the issues of the Bani where long and long power cuts are observed and what to talk of the other issues.

He called upon all his party workers and supporters to be always proactive and take his vision to every nook and corner and make every worker well versed with the malafide agenda of the present government. Ch. Lal Singh also while addressing the gathering also iterated his works as a health minister and forest minister like setting of Jambu Zoo at Nagorta. Other who accompanied Ch Lal Singh are Sh. Akash Bharat, Sh. Sanjay Rajdhan, Sh. Lekh Raj, Sh. Thakur Dass, Sh. Darshan Kumar, Sh. Suraj Padha, and Sh. Vishwal Padwal.(KNS)

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