Lack of drainage leaves Kralgund Langate Market submerged after shower

Handwara April 24 (KNS):  A spell of moderate rainfall is enough to cause waterlogging in Kralgund Qaziabad market of Kupwara district.

According to locals, the Kralgund Qaziabad market is spread in two neighbouring villages Kralgund and Supernaghma divided by Highway. 

Naturally, the course of water is from upwards to downwards but the shopkeepers settled in downwards do not allow water to pass through, leading to waterlogging of road, local added. 

However a resident said the passage of drainage water  has been blocked by the R&B department, causing Waterlogging, he said, 

“The administration should bring representatives of both areas to the table for a permanent solution, but unfortunately the administration is not interested, he added. 
Speaking to Tehsildar, Qaziabad, he said, " I have been briefed about it already. I will call both the parties to my office, to find a permanent solution to this problem". (KNS)

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