KTA expresses concern over erratic power supply in Kashmir

Srinagar, Nov 7 (KNS): The Kashmir Traders Alliance (KTA) expressed significant worries about the power outages in the valley. 
Aijaz Shahdhar, the president of KTA, said in a statement released here on Monday that "life in the Kashmir valley has further degraded" due to the exceedingly bad power supply.
While low voltage sometimes plays hide and seek, the electricity is off most of the day, according to Shahdhar.
According to him, the low power supply is undermining efforts by the business community, especially merchants, to continue operations. "the only absurd argument we hear is that there is a greater demand for power than there is supply, so why can't they increase supply?" he questioned.
He urged the administration to enhance power supplies as needed. When our water resources are being used, he questioned, "Why can't there be an uninterrupted power supply?"
KTA urged the administration to come up with a curtailment schedule if there is a power shortage but avoid unnecessary power cuts which have cascading impact on our economy.(KNS)

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