KTA delegation meets Chief Secretary Discusses rehabilitation of IG road shopkeepers, power amnesty

Srinagar, Nov 2 (KNS): In a significant development for the business community in Kashmir, a delegation from the Kashmir Trade Alliance (KTA) met with Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta on Thursday to discuss various pressing issues, including the rehabilitation of shopkeepers on the iconic IG Road and the extension of power amnesty. 

The meeting took place at the Chief Secretary's office and was marked by constructive dialogue.

President of KTA Aijaz Shahdhar, in a statement following the meeting, expressed appreciation for Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta's receptiveness to their concerns and feedback. He noted that the business community had been facing prolonged challenges, particularly in the context of the long-pending issue of rehabilitating shopkeepers on IG Road, who have been seeking rehabilitation for the past two decades.

"We discussed the rehabilitation of IG Road shopkeepers, who have been running from pillar to post seeking rehabilitation for the last two decades," said the President of KTA.
"We talked about power amnesty for the trade sector and the extension of power amnesty for domestic consumers who have reached the end of their amnesty period."

The meeting was conducted in a detailed and comprehensive manner, with the issues affecting the business community dissected thoroughly. The KTA delegation raised several critical concerns related to trade, commerce, and infrastructure.

The President of KTA stated that the Chief Secretary had shown a commitment to addressing the issues faced by the business community, providing assurance to resolve these challenges promptly.

The KTA delegation participating in the meeting included prominent members such as Umar Jan Wani, Sajad Din, Sabit Ali Wani, and Akhtar Malik, who collectively represented the concerns and aspirations of the business community in Kashmir.

This meeting between the Kashmir Trade Alliance and Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta reflects a positive step toward finding effective solutions to the longstanding problems hindering the business sector in the region. The business community now looks forward to tangible actions that will address their concerns and contribute to the economic development of Kashmir.(KNS) 

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