Khyber Milk Premier Football League: J&K Police XI defeated Downtown Hero’s FC, Kashmir Avenger FC defeated J&K Bank XI

Srinagar, Oct 30 (KNS): In the ongoing Khyber Milk Premier Football League 2021 two matches of Premier Division were on Saturday played at Synthetic Turf TRC Srinagar.

The Tournament is being telecast live for the first time by Frisk Film Production on ANN News Channel. J&K Police XI defeated Downtown Hero’s FC by a solitary goal.

The Ist match was played between J&K Police XI and Downtown Heroe’s FC. As the match started, forwards of both the teams started attacking other’s goalpost to seize an early initiative, In 10th minute of Ist half Salman Hussain succeeded in scoring all Important goal for J&K Police Team. 

Downtown Hero’s FC tried hard to equalize but failed, First half ended with 1:0 infavour of J&K Police XI. The 2nd half started with an aggressive note and both teams trying to to find the net.  

Downtown Hero’s FC exhibited quality Football and made some good moves on the opponents goal but they failed to find the net for an equaliser. The match ended with 1:0 infavour of J&K Police XI.. Mansoor of J&K Police was declared Man of the match.

2nd match was played between J&K Bank XI and Kashmir Avenger FC. Kashmir Avenger FC defeated J&K Bank XI by a solitary goal. 

A large number of football fans had gathered at the venue to support their favourite teams. The match turned out to be a classic one as both the teams displayed their skill and kept their cool throughout the match. 

In the first half, both teams attacked each others’ goalpost frequently, but the defence lines withheld the pressure and didn’t allow any goals to be scored. The second half also proved to be mouth watering as no team was ready to give even an inch. Attacks and counter attacks was the hallmark of the match. 

In 75th minute of the match, Kalvin scored all important goal for Kashmir Avenger FC. The J&K Bank players launched several counter attacks, but the defence line of the K.Avenger team ensured no damage was done. 

In the last 10 minutes of the play, both teams made several attempt to score but couldn’t cross the last hurdle. 

While J&K Bank players were desperate to score an equaliser, the K.Avenger players were focussed on maintaining the lead. When the referee blew the final whistle, the score line read 1-0 in favour of the K.Avenger FC. 

Burhan of K.Avenger was declared as player of the match. (KNS)

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