Khadija memorial cricket cup: GVEI defeats DPS Budgam in semi final, qualifies for final

Srinagar, Oct 26 (KNS): In the first semi final of the Khadija Memorial Cricket Cup-2023 organised by the Green Valley Educational Institute (GVEI), the host school on Thursday emerged victorious, securing their place in the finals by defeating DPS Budgam in a fiercely competitive encounter.
The showdown took place on Thursday on the turf wicket of GVEI where both teams demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship and exhibited their cricketing prowess.
The toss was won by DPS Budgam, who elected to bat first, setting the stage for an exhilarating contest.
DPS Budgam displayed remarkable determination and a formidable spirit as they took the crease.
In a gripping inning, they managed to post a competitive total of 122 runs within 15 overs.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
However, it was the Green Valley Educational Institute's turn to show their mettle as they embarked on their chase of the challenging target. The GVEI team faced a resilient DPS Budgam bowling attack with unwavering focus and determination.
However, the GVEI squad showcased their cricketing expertise and managed to secure a hard-fought victory by a margin of just 3 wickets.
The winning shot, which was played by Ahmad Deedat of Green Valley Educational Institute, was the highlight of the match.
The Man of the Match award was bestowed upon the outstanding Dawar Baba of Green Valley Educational Institute. His exceptional all-around performance, including batting and bowling, was instrumental in securing the victory for his team.(KNS)

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