Kavinder terms Farooq's visit to Kheer Bhawani Temple a political gimmick

Participates in Bhandara on Sankranti in Shivaji Chowk

Participates in Bhandara on Sankranti in Shivaji Chowk

Jammu, June 14 (KNS): Senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta, today strongly criticized the NC leader Dr. Farooq Abdullah's recent visit to the Kheer Bhawani Temple during the annual Mela. He termed the visit as a political conspiracy and a mere drama, aimed at gaining sympathy from the Kashmiri migrant community.

In a statement issued here today, Kavinder questioned the timing and sincerity of Farooq Abdullah’s visit, pointing out that the same National Conference leader had chosen to leave the country and went to London when the Kashmiri Pandits were being displaced from their homes in early 1990. He said Farooq has no moral right to express sympathies now with the Kashmiri Pandits. "Instead of standing by the Kashmiri Pandits during their time of need in early 1990’s, he chose to leave the country. His visit to the Kheer Bhawani Temple now is nothing but a political gimmick."

The senior BJP leader mentioned that during the National Conference's regime, Kashmir was often in the news for Hartals, Bandhs, terrorism, stone pelting, and the killing of innocent people. He contrasted this with the present situation in Jammu and Kashmir under the BJP government, which he credited with bringing about a significant transformation in the region.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel

"It is under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a positive change. Today, the Valley is flourishing with national as well as international tourists, and there are no Hartals, Bandhs, stone pelting, or killings of innocent people," he added.

Kavinder emphasized that the BJP government’s efforts have restored peace and normalcy to the region, and it is this stability that has encouraged tourism and development in Jammu and Kashmir. He reaffirmed his Party's commitment to the welfare of the Kashmiri Pandit community and ensuring a peaceful and prosperous future for all residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile, Kavinder Gupta also took part in the Bhandara and Chabeel organized to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Sankranti at Shiva ji Chowk area of Jammu city. The event, marked by its traditional fervor and community spirit, saw enthusiastic participation from locals who gathered to enjoy the festivities. He highlighted the importance of cultural and religious celebrations in bringing communities together and fostering a sense of unity and shared heritage.

Prominent among those who were present include Sanjay Jandial, Ankush Gupta, Lekh Raj and Davinder Mahajan.(KNS)

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