Kashmiris prefer active democracy than political ambivalence:Ashok Bhan

 Jammu,Nov 30 (KNS):Kashmiris longing to live terror free life and chose Democracy as the means for end of cycle of terror violence. 

In a statement issued to KNS reads,  DDC elections in JK Union Territory could be a game changer.People have to exercise a preference-Democracy for future OR Militancy.Exclusiveism OR Pluralism.Death,destruction and despondency OR peace with development and mainstreaming with the land of huge opportunities.
Huge turn over and people’s participation in DDC elections is people’s preference and will to exit from the present morass of death & destruction inflicted on innocent Kashmiris.People have decided to go with the devolopment agenda and political mainstream of the Country.  DDC elections are the first election in the J&K after the inoperablity of Article 370 by the central government on August 5, 2019, amid massive security and communication clampdown in the erstwhile state.  "People have high hopes in their elected representatives that some development will happen that is why these polls are important. Say the people who participated. It is hoped in all other phases the people’s participation in the democraticy and the process would go higher.(KNS)

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