Kashmiri's seek return of statehood: Ashok Bhan

Srinagar, Dec 11 (KNS): Chairman, Kashmir Policy & Strategy Group Ashok Bhan on Friday said that large voter turn out in DDC polls in Jammu and Kashmir vindicates that people concerned seek the promises made by HM Amit Shah on the floor of Parliament that statehood will be given back to J&K to get fulfilled.

Speaking to Kashmiri youth through a webinar by Kashmir Policy & Strategy Group ,Its Chairman & distinguished fellow USI -Ashok Bhan said the large voter turn out especially youth and women folk in DDC elections so far is a triumph of democracy. He said it is people’s preference rejecting the political ambivalence by vested political class.

"After the inoperability of the Article 370 the ground realities in Kashmir are the huge participation of people in DDC elections. People’s preference is loud and clear for peace, democracy and development", Bhan said.

He said it is a declaratory mandate for moratorium to political rhetoric and negation of emotive blackmail by corruption and political ambivalence of traditional political class. He also said
Kashmiri's have huge expectations that after deep alienation caused psychologically by bifurcation of the State into two union territories, ad-hocism and mismanagement of Kashmir affairs from time to time It would be set right by the current dispensation as promised.

The unrest in Kashmir actually is due to the unabated turmoil and political turbulence rooted deep in the denial of justice, disrespect to legitimate aspirations and skullduggery resorted to by New Delhi. It is compounded by dividing the glorious and prestigious State of Jammu & Kashmir that is perceived as robbing the Kashmir’s pride and its geo strategic importance, he said

Bhan added that it is high time that the Statehood is urgently restored back to strengthen the idea of India. (KNS) 

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