Kashmir issue cannot be solved through guns or detentions: PDP Leader Rouf Bhat

Says where will Amit Shah talk to youth of Kashmir when they are confined to jails

Says where will Amit Shah talk to youth of Kashmir when they are confined to jails

Srinagar, Oct 27 (KNS): People’s Democratic Party senior leader, Rouf Bhat has expressed disappointment over MBBS students being booked under UAPA and stated that the situation is a political issue and it cannot be solved through guns and illegal detentions.

While talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS) Bhat said the sole reason behind celebrations which were held at SKIMS Soura and GMC Karan Nagar is the central government and its increasing atrocities on the people of J&K.

“BJP government has denied all the basic human rights to the people of J&K since abrogation of Article 370. Central government has detained the youth of the valley without any charges. This reaction has come up against the Central government and its barbarous policies on the people of J&K. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. What does the central government expect from the people of the valley post abrogation of article 370,” he said.

Rouf said that post abrogation of article 370, there were celebrations in the country over the scrapping of special status of Jammu and Kashmir. “It is obvious that the people would give strong reaction against all those atrocities which were committed by the central government. For one year people were caged in their homes and these atrocities have further alienated the people of the valley with the New Delhi government,” he said.

He said that it is a matter of grave concern that doctors who belong to the most sophisticated profession of a society have expressed their resentment against India by celebrating the victory of a neighbouring country.

“What else can be the proof of immense hardships being faced by the people of J&K, since abrogation of article 370? Injustice has been prevailing in the valley. This anger and alienation needs to be changed otherwise such resentments will be further increased in the future,” he said.

He said that the Central government should work on their hollow commitments and should try to win the hearts of the people. “Before the visit of Home Minister Amit Shah,  thousands of youth were detained. Thousands of bikes were seized illegally without any charges.”

Talking about the statement of home Minister Amit shah, he said that where will he talk to the youth of the valley when they are confined to jails since his visit.

He added that their words doesn’t match their actions. “Security forces have always tried to bring peace in the valley but nothing has changed so far and the situation is worsening every single day. Targeted killings of innocent people have started in the valley which is worse than the situation in 90’s. Atmosphere of fear has engulfed the whole valley.”

Expressing concern over the issue, he said it is a political issue and it cannot be solved through gun. “No force and detentions could solve this issue. The only way forward is the dialogue. All the stakeholders should be taken on board and the dialogue should be initiated between India-Pakistan. Peace will prevail only through dialogue. This bloodshed can only be stopped through talks.”

Bhat said that Kashmir can turn into a developed region only through political solution and not through violence. “The policy of illegal detentions should be stopped. Harassing and arresting local politicians, harassing journalists and arresting every respectable profession won’t bring any development. Nobody in Kashmir has the right to talk against these measures as if he or she talks then he will be detained.”

He said that the Central government should understand the ground situation and should work on to initiate a dialogue. “BJP government since 90’s have initiated diloague with Pakistan and the present government should follow their steps for the prevalence of peace in the valley.”

Bhat said that nobody feels safe in Kashmir. “Is this naya Kashmir? The minorities who have been a part of Kashmir since beginning are feeling afraid to live in the valley. Is this the normalcy BJP government is claiming,” he questioned. (KNS)

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