Kashmir cement industry faces dilemma over sulphur content: PHDCC&I

Srinagar August 29 (KNS): The cement industry in Kashmir is currently confronting a critical dilemma concerning the sulphur content of petcoke supplied by Indian Oil and other producers within the country. While the oil policy of Jammu and Kashmir allows for a sulphur content of 5%, the petcoke currently being produced and supplied contains 7% sulphur, posing a significant concern for the cement producers in the region.

According to a statement issued to KNS, reads that in a recent development, the Himachal Pradesh government has amended the usage of sulphur content in petcoke, permitting a 7% sulphur content for cement industries within their state. However, the Jammu and Kashmir government has not yet reached a decision on this matter, despite the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry highlighting the issue to the concerned officials.

The cement industry plays a pivotal role in the infrastructure development of Kashmir, and any delay or disruption in the production process can have far-reaching consequences on the overall growth of the region.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelThe industry now urgently requires a clear decision from the government, aligning with the permissible 7% sulphur content as allowed by the Himachal Pradesh government, to ensure uninterrupted operations and compliance with regulations.

The PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, in collaboration with the cement industry representatives, earnestly appeals to the government to expedite the decision-making process and promptly resolve this pressing issue. It is imperative for the government to carefully consider the long-term implications of this dilemma and take appropriate measures to support the cement industry in Kashmir.(KNS)

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