JKSA writes to LG Sinha to shift synthetic athletic track to alternative place in Bandipora

Bandipora, Dec 06 (KNS): J&K Students Association here on Monday wrote to Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha urging him to direct J&K Sports Council to Shift Synthetic Athletic track from Bandipora Stadium to some alternative Place in Bandipora town.

In a statement, National Spokesperson of Association Nasir Khuehami said Sports lovers especially Footballers and Cricketers from far and wide come to play here. Even the stadium hosts players from other states who participate in games like; football and cricket. "National, State level tournaments have been organised in this stadium and youth of district and suburbs showcase their talent with great enthusiasm. Children, old and young all go to the stadium to relax every day".

He said that this stadium conducts many events that are appreciated internationally. Under the shadow of this stadium many of our childrens won National and international awards. Construction of Synthetic athletic track is a welcome step, however it is expected to affect the most-played games like cricket and football. This plan will affect the normal activities and the sports which are currently played en-mass.

Khuehami said that the Youth of District Bandipora in Particular and the people in general are completely disheartened by this move taken by the Government. “It will hinder the sports activities especially Cricket and Football which are the two major games people love to play here which would no longer be possible after modifying turf. This in fact is a direct roadblock for Cricketers and footballers of Bandipora,” he emphasized. It is sheer outrageous to people grown up playing in this Stadium. The Administration is snatching the dreams of the majority of the young generation and all conscience keepers need to raise the issue on every platform available.

The Students Association in the letter said most of the Bandiporians are football and cricket lovers and most youngsters and even small kids can be seen since early morning practicing for football and cricket and urged the government to construct the turf on alternate ground present in the vicinity of the town. "With that two different assets will be created,'' he added further. 

He said that, this stadium is the only standard playfield in Bandipora district and making it an Athletic-specialised Stadium would stop the rest of the sports activities which are equally important. This Stadium is the home to about 120 cricket teams and over 60 registered football clubs of the district.

"Where will all of them go once the Athletic track is made here? This is infact a matter of great Concern. It will also impinge on our youth and could contribute to their unpleasant distraction. Youth who have so far been spending their time with sports might fall prey to other Social evils including Drugs etc, he added.

Khuehami requested Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha to take immediate steps to resolve the issue on humanitarian grounds and reconsider the decision and direct the J&K Sports Council to Shift this Synthetic Athletic track from Bandipora Stadium to some alternative Place in Bandipora. (KNS)

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