JKCSF urges introspection, revival amid prevailing alarming pandemic crisis

Srinagar, July 16 (KNS): Expressing concern over the alarming situation of Corona crisis in Kashmir in particular Jammu and Kashmir civil society forum has expressed dissatisfaction with regard to the management of the pandemic.
According to statement issued to KNS reads, JKCSF, Chairman Abdul Qayoom Wani in a statement issued here raised many questions about the growing apathy of the covid patients and their families who suffer for want of ventilators in hospitals to the social indifferences. “Now this is the fifth month of after the preparations to fight the pandemic were started in Jammu and Kashmir by not only Govt but also the private stakeholders and welfare organizations have been contributing to the cause to save the humanity, however, the pathetic condition of the covid victims patients and their families tells a miserable story and raises questions that where did the progress of preparation go and the money contributed by state employees, traders, volunteers, welfare organizations was spent and why there is so much scarcity of ventilators in hospitals and the other medical equipment which could have been generated by the donated money during all these months” asked Wani.
Wani demanded for an enquiry commission to investigate the utilization of the donations made by employees, traders and others to fight the COVID 19 in J&K.
Wani said JKCSF time and again demanded for the formation of an expert committee that would guide and monitor the critical and technical issues and will be a helping hand to the administration in these tough times but nobody listened to this significant suggestion.
JKCSF is urging the authorities to use the human resource in dealing the prevailing crisis by raising infrastructure whatsoever may be possible even now with the recommendations of the medical experts and the utilization of the money donated or to be donated by the employees and the traders’ fraternity.
Wani took a dig on the stakeholders for issuing mere circulars of advisories on papers which have least impact without the proper ground facilities.
Wani said that JKCSF is vehemently pleading that our frontline workers, Doctors and paramedical staff be given the scientific protective gear but at the same time affected people need human attitude, proper hygienic atmosphere and guidance. JKCSF urges the administration to introduce introspection mechanism whether public is getting relief on ground. “The hospitals which have been declared covid 19 hospitals are under surveillance of JKCSF and we are properly monitoring for any mismanagement of funds and officers habitual of corrupt practices will be exposed.
An RTI has been also completed on this behalf.
Wani said administration must seal all cricket fields and JK Bank units were thousands of youth and people are gathering who throw the guidelines and SOPs into dust and this type of mismanagement will have disastrous results in future .Tehsidars , BDOs and other local officers need to be in touch and localize the situation for their own people instead of becoming more loyal than the king.
Wani requested Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK)to guide the stakeholder’s govt as well as private to purchase and build the equipment and infrastructure like ventilators and other lifesaving equipment and to provide a mechanism how to investigate the ambiguous deaths figured in the covid-list .
Wani instructed JKCSF members to be ready for making donations to meet the growing crisis of the pandemic. (KNS)


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