JKCSF demands judicial probe in the media disclosures about COVID 19 Violations

Speaks for the patients, widows, destitute and the COVID-hit victims


Srinagar, July 27 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has raised its voice for victims of COVID 19 and for the masses suffering of the consequences of lockdown since August 5, 2019 by virtue of the losses in trade, education and the mental peace.
In a statement issued to KNS, JKCSF Chairman, Abdul Qayoom Wani has vowed the composite concern of JKCSF on many issues ranging from Covid patients’ plea to the pathetic condition of the widows and destitute of the society who according to the statement have badly been hit by the circumstances that have been running adversely an yearlong now.
Wani said there is no denial that the frontline warriors, medicos and other employees are working day and night to save the lives of the covid patients while putting their own lives on risk but the system had made the things a mess as there is no satisfactory classification of covid and non covid hospitals, the quarantine centers are unhygienic while as the sophisticated and potential hygienic hotels were not utilized for the service. Wani lambasted on the govt that there was no shortage of funds as even the govt employees and traders also donated millions of rupees to the cause. But accountability remained a million dollar question. Wani said that JKCSF and others time and again have been demanding for the constitution of a monitoring committee but it was never given a thought by the govt. Wani raised finger that missing of an accountability committee gives weight age to suspicion of malacious, corrupt and nepotistic practices.
JKCSF demands an indepth probe in the misdeeds and alleged multicrore scam revealed by media reports that tell money bungling practices in the name of COVID 19 management and quarantine centres that allegedly the administration is involved in. According to a media-YouTube report The making of quarantine centre at SKIMS Soura by its Director in violation of norms wherein covid patients were supposed to be reffered to here at Level-3 from other hospitals but the hospital administration violated the norms and even made a quarantine centre there thus making the hospital and Soura area vulnerable for the covid 19.
Secondly the order passed by the MHFW on 2nd July about the asymptomatic and presymptomatic covid patients about their home quarantine too was thrown to winds in J&K because it involves money making by virtue of food supply and other billing etc.
This according to the Youtube video report was done in nexus with some administrative officers in the secretariat.
JKCSF envisaged that this all must be probed by J and K High Court.
Meanwhile A Q Wani warned that if banks particularly branches of JK Bank are not closed and blanked ban is not impose on non kashmiri laborers corona will bring havoc to JK.
On the eve of Eid Ul Azha Wani said that JKCSF appeals the govt and all welfare organizations to revive their service-culture amid this pandemic and to speed up the helping and rehabilitation process to wipe the tears of covid-hit victims, widows, destitute and the other needy people who lost their nears and dears or livelihood or are wandering into a traumatic life . Wani appreciated the role of welfare organisation & particularly appealed The Athrout, J& K Yateem Foundation, J&K Yateem Trust, Sakhawat Centre Jammu Kashmir, Help Poor Foundation besides masjid and Mohallah commmities and volunteers of JKCSF to renovate their mechanism of services as per the new needs.
Wani also appealed the employee’s organizations to come forward and join hands to continue fighting the new emerging challenges.
Wani appealed the people to follow SOP’s,WHO guidelines and health advisories besides maintaining social distancing and proper hygienic atmosphere on the eve of eid-ul-azha to defeat this dreaded virus of covid-19.
Wani said that JKCSF believes people of J&K will come out of this horrendous trouble by fighting it bravely and helping each other like they fought the erstwhile earlier calamities . (KNS)

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