JKCSF aghast on the harassment of civil society activist by SKIMS adminstration

Probe the sensitive matter in the larger public interest and stop harassing civil society activists: Qayoom Wani

Probe the sensitive matter in the larger public interest and stop harassing civil society activists: Qayoom Wani

Srinagar, June 28:(KNS)   Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has taken a serious note on harassment against a civil society worker for speaking up against what it called the scam of the prestigious medical institute of Jand K, SKIMS.

In a statement issued here, JKCSF Chairman, Abdul Qayoom Wani has expressed anguish over the incident, saying that instead of conducting a probe of the allegations and charges leveled by the social worker, Firdous Ahamd Bhat on the behest of the Director SKIMS an FIR has been lodged against the civil society activist.


Wani questioned if the rivers were flowing reverse in Jand K, so the guard has been booked than to look for the thieves. Wani said Firdous Ahmad was a respectful member of the society and he notwithstanding malpractices happening in a prestigious institute like SKIMS, raised an alarm and dared to speak up openly in media against the malpractice doers and his community in the neighborhood of SKIMS called Zoonimer where he lives, supported him and made him the chairman of the local welfare Committee which proves that the person is credible and honest in the area.

“whileas Govt should have opened its ears to this public complainant and started the probe against the erring administrators of SKIMS if found guilty, but surprisingly, on the behest of the blue eyed director of the institute, the public complainant only has been harassed by lodging an FIR against him and he has been detained by police.


 Pertinently social activist Firdous Ahmad Bhat who heads Social Welfare Committee Zoonimar, has been leveling charges of bungling and malpractices on the SKIMS administration particularly its director Dr Ahangar for doing scams in the medical supplies and the delivery of the hospital system in the times of COVID, which according to Bhat have rendered the hospital deteriorated and losing its reputation fast.

JKCSF has asked the Govt to look into this sensitive matter and to find the facts in the larger public interest and do a probe to safeguard the prestigious hospital from the malpractices. JKCSF has demanded withdrawal of the FIR against civil society activist Firdous Ahmad and asked for his immediate release from police detention. 

JKCSF said that the allegations leveled on Bhat were merely false and he never manhandled any police official for which in todays world CCTV footages can be detrimental. (KNS) 

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