JKAP concerned over water crisis in Srinagar City

Install bore wells at Mehjoor Nagar, Alouchi Bagh: J.S Raina

Srinagar, July 27 (KNS): Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) leader Jagmohan Singh Raina on Monday expressed serious concern over water scarcity faced by the people in many parts of Srinagar city.

In a statement issued to KNS , Raina said that there has been a manifold increase in population of Srinagar and with the result many new colonies have come up rapidly expanding the limits of the City. “A number of areas besides most of these new colonies are suffering for want of safe drinking water which is not available to them because of the laidback approach of the administration,” Raina remarked.

He disparaged the slipshod disposition of Public Health Engineering now Jal Shakti department for leaving people yearning for potable water in many parts of Srinagar like Mehjoor Nagar, Alouchi Bagh, Saraie Bala, Bah-e-Ali Mardan Khan, Lal Bazar including sub areas like Botakadal, Botshah Mohalla, Mughal Mohalla, Genz Bagh, Umar Colony, Bagwanpora, Amda Kadal, Zonimar and Nowshehra especially during the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Women folk at many places like Mehjoor Nagar and Alouchi Bagh are finding it very difficult to run their kitchen in wake of water shortage. The cleanliness guidelines for limiting the spread of COVID-19 are being observed in breach due to water shortage. The administration should take concrete measures to avert any kind of eventuality,” the JKAP leader remarked.

He said over two lakh households in Srinagar are suffering for want of potable water and the authorities are behaving like mute spectators in the prevailing crisis. “Atal Jal yojna was launched in December 2019 but the beneficiaries of this scheme are in rural areas. The government must also address the water crisis faced by the people in urban areas especially Srinagar city,” he added.

Raina demanded water filtration plants in the colonies at places in Khadi mill ground Aluchi Bagh, Mehjoor Nagar etc. “The government should also go for installation of bore well in various places of Srinagar city to address the water crises,” he pleaded.

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